New to Zcash? This guide will walk you through getting onboarded as a Zcash user and ZEC holder.

Setup a wallet

After you purchase some ZEC, you might want to move it to a Zcash wallet.

<aside> ūüí° This¬†article explains¬†why holding ZEC in a wallet is important.


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We recommend using a shielded wallet because these wallets provide the privacy features that make ZEC unique. Here's a video on how to download a shielded wallet. Here's a blog explaining the differences between Zcash's different address types.

Buy & Withdraw ZEC

To use the Zcash network, you will need to purchase its currency, ZEC. The easiest way to acquire ZEC is to buy it on Gemini or any of these exchanges.

One important note is that you do not need to buy 1 full ZEC. ZEC is divisible, and you can start with buying just a fraction of the coin.

After you create your wallet, you’re going to want to withdraw your ZEC into that wallet. Here's a tutorial on how to do that.