A decentralized education hub for Zcash. The goal of ZecHub is to provide a educational platform where community members can work together on creating, validating, and promoting content that supports the Zcash ecosystem. We do this through a few mechanisms.

  1. Tutorials. Primarily videos on ZEC UX.
  2. Wiki-docs. Short-form ZEC content for beginners.
  3. A podcast interviewing community members.
  4. A weekly Zcash newsletter.

ZecHub Extras

The tutorials, short-form blogs, and newsletter will be open sourced and hosted on GitHub, meaning anyone from the community can contribute. This is to ensure content is accurate and that the channel itself suffers from no single points of failure.

If you're new to Zcash, useĀ this guide.****

How to make changes to ZecHub

  1. Go to ZecHub's Github repo.
  2. Create a new Github account or log in with your own.
  3. Follow this guide to learn how to do a pull request.

Contributor Guidelines